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Miners Castle & Miners Falls Tour


Miners Castle and Miners Falls tour is a beautiful tour within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. You will see breathtaking sandstone cliffs, frozen waterfalls, deep forest, and wild shoreline. The power of Lake Superior shapes the park's coastal features and affects every ecosystem, creating a unique landscape to explore.


Your tour begins with us picking you up at  Miners Castle Road where the snow plow stops plowing and the road becomes a groomed snowmobile trail. This tour will last approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours... 

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Miners Falls

First stop on the tour is Miners Falls we drop you off at the trail head and let you explore the 0.6 walk to the falls.  A gently rolling foot trail and  path through the snow covered northwoods leads to two overlooks. Enjoy views of the Miners Basin along the way.


The fast-flowing sometimes completely frozen Miners River drops about 60 feet over a sandstone outcrop, creating the park's most powerful waterfall.  
There are 64 steps down to the lower viewing platform at the falls. This is an especially beautiful trail with abundant features to photograph. Pets are allowed on the trail.

Miners Castle

The Second stop on the tour is Miners Castle one of the most famous landmarks along the Pictured Rocks shoreline, and people come from all over the world to witness the picturesque splendor of sandstone layered rock-face towering over the impossibly clear waters of Lake Superior.


 To really grasp the majesty and scope of this natural wonder, the overlooks at Miners Castle are incomparable.
A short foot trail leads past the interpretive exhibits to breathtaking overlooks of Lake Superior and Grand Island. Stairs and a steeper trail lead to the lower overlook adjacent to Miners Castle. 

Erosion over long periods of time has created the interesting rock formations that give this place its name.  


After you have had time to take in the sights and capture some photos, our journey continues heading back through the forest to drop you off at your vehicle.

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